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Who's donating

Carly Quinn
Mark Chamberlain
Katie DeBoer
Ralph Ruiter
Ryan Hopkins
sam wright
Pamela Atwood
Pamela Atwood
Jen Keith
Keith Beavon
Mike Johnson
Catherine Timmermans
Mike Sullivan
Sarah Sidock
Brandy Sidock
Chris Sidock
Gregg Stavros
Constance Lettinga
Brock Story
Darlene Dowling
Glen Barfknecht
George Timmer
Robert J. York
David Andrusiak
Alice Mccall
Jennifer Antel
Connie Lemmink
Alana Otten
Kathy Clark
Peter DeBoer
Law requires we ask for your employer and occupation. If you don't have an employer or are retired, put N/A, and if you are self-employed put "self-employed" in employer and describe your occupation.
Contributions are not tax deductible.


• I affirm that I am making this contribution via my personal credit or debit card for which I have a legal obligation to pay, and not through a corporate or business entity card or the card of another person. • My contribution is made from personal funds, and not from the general treasury funds of a corporation, organization or national bank. • I have not received any funds from another person or entity for the purposes of making this contribution. • I am a United States citizen, or a Green Card Holder who has been lawfully admitted for permanent residence and this contribution will not be reimbursed by another person.