Michigan Excellence

With the 2020 election cycle shaping up as the “Year of the Woman,” the Michigan Excellence in Public Service Series wants to make sure CONSERVATIVE VOICES are heard too.  MEPSS is the ONLY program in the state of Michigan training REPUBLICAN women to be leaders.  

As they recruit for their 2020 series, we invite you to take a serious look at the MEPSS program.  We encourage you to join them on your next journey where you will meet, form relationships, and create a network of Republican women from across the state that will last a lifetime.

In January of 2017, five of their graduates were sworn in as State Representatives, and into local offices as well.  In 2018 one of their graduates will be running for Congress, three will be running for the State House, five of their graduates will be running for re-election to the State House, and one will be running for re-election to the State Senate. 

In addition to meeting some amazing women, you will have the opportunity to meet individuals who are highly regarded in their fields who volunteer their time to train and lead meaningful and insightful discussions at their weekend sessions.

The link to their application can be found be clicking HERE